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Worship Pastor Full Time

Calvary Baptist Church

Lubbock, Texas, USA




Calvary Baptist Church Vision Statement

We exist to be a missional people engaging our neighbors through intentionally living the Gospel.

Job Information

Classification: Full-time Ministerial Staff; Exempt

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Position Description: The Worship Pastor will oversee and coordinate all details of the Worship program in concert with the Senior Pastor. The Worship Pastor must be a visionary who is creative in leading people to God.  The Worship Pastor is a leader who can communicate a direction in a way that inspires those around him/her to join in the pursuit of that vision.  This position is a pastoral one that requires the individual to serve not solely as a musical or performing arts director but also as a shepherd to the people who serve in this ministry.


  1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.
  2. Commitment to moral purity.
  3. Commitment to the mission, vision, and worship philosophy of Calvary.
  4. Be or become a member of Calvary Baptist Church.
  5. Be qualified to handle administrative tasks, including accepting/declining/scheduling ministry opportunities, establishing rules and procedures, and resolving conflicts.
  6. Able to read music.
  7. High school diploma or equivalent and have completed coursework or are degreed in college level music.
  8. One to two years of experience as a Worship Pastor on a Baptist church staff or church of like faith and order.


  1. A pastor as well as a musician.
  2. A heart for the spiritual growth of those in the congregation and the worship ministry.
  3. Relational skills with an enthusiastic presence for leading a congregation in worship.
  4. Skilled in choral, vocal, and instrumental direction; teaching choral parts, writing chords/charts for musicians; provide counsel to ministries under his/her supervision.
  5. Skilled in organization, administration, and interpersonal relationships.
  6. Working knowledge in the use of technology in worship and use of sound, lighting, computers, video graphics, and video projection.
  7. Ability to incorporate other art forms as needed.
  8. Demonstrate initiative.
  9. Positively contribute to the pastoral team.


  1. Maintain an authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ.
  2. Spend time developing relationships with lost people so as to be personally effective in pursuing the Great Commission and helping the church to do the same.
  3. Participate in ongoing discipling relationships with growth of others, holding one another accountable in daily walks with Christ.
  4. Build and maintain necessary teams to carry out the music worship of Calvary such as adult choir, children’s choir, and handbells.
  5. Plan corporate worship services of Calvary in consultation with the Senior Pastor and do so with prayer, conceptual forethought, theological accuracy, and musical appropriateness.  Ensure musical and technical aspects of the service advance the theme for the day.  Oversee song and choral selection, media preparation and presentation, sound and lighting enhancements, and coordination of all instrumentalists, vocalists, and dramatists.
  6. Oversee weekly activities and rehearsals necessary to facilitate worship in services.
  7. Provide pastoral care for worship teams and choirs.
  8. Encourage worship teams and choirs to participate in training provided by other ministries, books, and conferences.
  9. Plan and conduct seasonal musicals in consultation with the Senior Pastor.
  10. Develop the Ministry Funding Plan as it pertains to music.
  11. Oversee organization and volunteers.
  12. Build contacts and relationships with local musicians for both evangelistic and staffing purposes.
  13. Set annual goals for the worship ministry that are in line with Calvary’s vision and evaluate how those goals were attained or modified during the year.
  14. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

To apply for this job email your details to valerie.l.gillen@gmail.com

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