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Senior Pastor Full Time

Chambersburg Baptist Church

Chambersburg, PA



The Pastor, as Shepherd, provides leadership for all functions of the church. He will provide administrative oversight for all business aspects of the church including supervision of the paid staff. The Pastor will be responsible to the congregation, coordinating through the Deacons and appropriate committees.
            a. The Pastor will serve as the spiritual leader of the church leading the membership in worship, ministering, education, witnessing, and fellowship.
            b. He will be responsible for planning all worship services of the church in coordination with Church leaders and will preach at worship services except where special circumstances occur.
            c. The Pastor will ensure a qualified person is available to preach in his absence. 
            d. He will work closely with the Deacons in the overall spiritual ministry of the church and he will work with/through the Church committees, and Church officers as appropriate in handling the affairs of the church.
            a. The Pastor will serve as the supervisor of all paid staff and be responsible for the supervision of all Church programs. He will appraise the performance of staff members annually.
            b. He will give leadership in hiring personnel to serve on the paid staff.
            a. Weddings: He will perform scripturally based marriages as requested. It will be left to his discretion to refuse to marry persons he feels should not marry or are not ready for marriage based on Holy Scripture. He will also determine what pre- and post-marriage counseling requirements may be necessary.
            b. He will conduct funerals as requested based on his schedule. He will provide follow up counseling and ministry as he deems necessary.
            a. The Pastor will provide counseling for church members and families as they request and/or as he feels led to do and as time allows. If he feels a person needs additional help or could be best helped by another resource, he will refer the counselee to such sources, such as other professionals and Deacons. Counseling individuals outside the congregation will be kept to a minimum so as to not interfere with the pastoral duties. There will be no compensation accepted for any counseling services.
            a. The Pastor will serve as ex-officio officer of all the committees contained in the Church Constitution, except the Pastor Search Committee.
a. The Pastor will establish and lead church members in an active outreach program including a regularly scheduled visitation program. He will lead all visitation efforts of the church.
            a. The Pastor may contribute as much of his time as he feels is appropriate to serving the denomination through associational, state, and Southern Baptist agencies, committees, boards, etc.
            b. He may represent the church in the community through participation in civic affairs as are helpful, acceptable, and compatible with Southern Baptist beliefs and doctrines and his calling as Church Pastor. Any such representation will be coordinated with the Chairman of the Deacons.
            c. Outside employment or other paid services is considered a conflict of interest with this full-time position. However, gifts and payments received for performance of weddings and funerals related to the pastoral role at the church is acceptable.
            d. He will support and faithfully execute the Constitution and By Laws of Chambersburg Baptist Church.
            e. He will maintain a sense of conduct and judgment on and off the job normally expected from a staff person at a Southern Baptist church.
1. Salary: Set jointly by the Personnel and Stewardship Committees in the annual Church budget subject to church approval.
2. Hours: The Pastor’s position is full time with an expected net 40-hour work week. He is expected to maintain an office presence during the week based on emergent tasks. Specific hours and schedules are negotiable.
3. Annual Leave: Will be accrued annually starting at 2 weeks with increases added with years of service. No more than two weeks may be carried over into the next year. Accrued unused annual leave will be compensated at departure or retirement.
Sick Leave: One day of sick leave with pay shall accumulate each month. Sick leave is not compensable.

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