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Church Administrator Part Time

El Camino Baptist

2805 El Camino Baptist, Sacramento, CA 95821



​​Job Title​: 

Church Administrator 

Principle Function 

Assist the Senior Pastor with ministerial and administrative needs of the church. 


El Camino Baptist Church 
2805 El Camino Ave 
Sacramento, CA  95821 



2-week paid vacation 


Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 

Date Updated: 


Direct Supervisor 

Senior Pastor 

​​Applications Accepted By:​ 

[email protected] 
​​Subject Line​: Church Administrator 

Jim Meek 
​​El Camino Baptist Church​ 
2805 El Camino Baptist Church 
Sacramento, CA 95821 

Role and Responsibilities 

Oversee daily administrative office duties. 
Supervise the maintenance and custodial operation of the church. Coordinate tenants using the church. 
Review and approve church bills, contracts, and purchase orders. 
Attend committee meetings when requested by chairmen and/or Senior Pastor. 
Assist with church services  
Supervise and coordinate volunteers. 
Collaborate with Personnel Chairman and Senior Pastor to guide and direct staff members. 
Work with directors of Sunday School, Youth and Children to recruit, train and provide materials as needed and to plan and submit annual budgets. 
Facilitate short-term ministry projects, assisting committees and ministry teams. 
Attend weekly staff meetings. 
Qualifications and preferred experience 
Previous church administrative experience 
Strong organizational and planning skills 
Mature Christian lifestyle 
Experience supervising volunteers 

​​Preferred Skills​ 

​​Additional Notes​ 

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​​Last Updated By​: 


1/13/23/11:30 am  

To apply for this job email your details to jmeektbc@hotmail.com

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