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Pastor of Music and Discipleship Full Time

FBC Bowie

Bowie, TX





The Pastor of Music and Discipleship at FBC Bowie will be a passionate and spiritually mature leader responsible for overseeing all aspects of the church’s worship and discipleship ministries. This role includes planning and leading worship services, developing discipleship programs, and fostering a culture of spiritual growth and worship within the congregation.


Must reveal through his life a genuine conversion experience which compels him to make Christ his sovereign Lord.

Must be a born-again believer of Jesus Christ, whose commitment is evident in his personal life and who has received a definite call into the ministry.

Must have the musical ability through God’s equipping, experience, and training that would enable him to develop and direct a well-rounded church music ministry.  (He must have voice and instrumental expertise.  Preferably, the individual should have received some formal training via seminary or other equivalent avenue.)

He should be well-acquainted with principles of church growth as related to Sunday school and discipleship training.

Must meet the biblical qualifications for church leaders as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and Titus 1:5-9.

Must be disciplined in his own personal life in areas, such as personal devotion, family responsibilities, use of time, and money management.

He and his wife (if married) must have a biblically sound faith.  He is to be in complete agreement with the articles of faith as contained in the “Baptist Faith and Message 2000.”

He must have the maturity, wisdom, and love to serve the church with meekness, dignity, and humility. (1 Peter 5:2-3)

Must believe in the inerrancy of all Scripture.

He must be willing to support and cooperate fully with the other pastoral staff.


The Pastor of Music and Discipleship is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.  The Personnel Committee assists the Senior Pastor in all personnel matters.



Assist the pastor in planning the congregational services and direct the church music groups and congregational singing.

Recruit, train, and mentor worship team members, including musicians, vocalists, and audio/visual volunteers.

Provide shepherding and arrange for music at special events, such as weddings, funerals, revivals, special church and community projects.

Be responsible for the supervision, acquisition, and use of music materials, supplies, instruments, and other music equipment.

Give direct administrative supervision to the instrumentalists.

Ensure the technical aspects of worship services, including sound, lighting, and multimedia, are effectively managed.

Provide an itemized music budget request to the Finance Committee annually.

Oversee and adhere to the approved budget.

Assist and monitor the technical team with their annual budget and expenditures.

Receipts for expenditures shall be turned in at least monthly to the Financial Secretary. Each receipt needs to indicate the budget line item it should be charged against and a brief description of the expenditure.


Lead the church in planning, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive program of Christian Education; including but not limited to Sunday school, discipleship training, and other pertinent programs.

Lead in teacher training and work with the nominations committee in the recruitment of new teachers.

Evaluate and assess the effectiveness of discipleship programs, making necessary adjustments to enhance their impact. Including the selection and purchase of literature for Sunday school and discipleship training.

Develop and supervise a new member program that educates new members to opportunities within the church which leads them to discipleship.

Perform other duties as directed by the pastor.

To apply for this job email your details to ethan@fbcbowie.org

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