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Senior Pastor Full Time

First Baptist Church Camilla

Camilla, Georgia



First Baptist Church of Camilla

27 East Broad Street

Camilla, GA 31730

[email protected]

Senior Pastor

Position Description

1.       Statement of Purpose.  The Senior Pastor of Camilla First Baptist Church (FBC) must meet the spiritual, personal and character qualifications as found in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9, and exhibit the fruit of the spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23. The Senior Pastor should be a student of the Bible and actively share Christ at each opportunity. The Senior Pastor should be a person, who loves and enjoys people, can relate well to a variety of different people in a sincere and humble way, and able to discern the particular needs of individuals in the church and provide them with the requisite pastoral care. He will provide spiritual direction and discernment in guiding the total church programs/ministries. The Senior Pastor will hold to the doctrinal beliefs of the Southern Baptist Convention as described in the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. The Senior Pastor will strive to lead this church to maintain its support of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Georgia Baptist Mission Board and the Tucker Baptist Association. The Senior Pastor will endeavor to lead this church to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-34 and Luke 10:27).

2.       Accountability.  The Senior Pastor will answer to Holy God for following His direction. He should seek to undertake his duties in the power of the Holy Spirit, undergirded with prayer, and guided by the scriptures.  The Senior Pastor shall be responsible to the Body of Deacons and the Personnel Ministry Team for fulfillment of job responsibilities and expectations. The Senior Pastor will be the direct supervisor of all staff.

3.      Duties and Responsibilities.

a.       Preaching and Teaching: The Senior Pastor should love to study the Word of God, preach and teach the Word boldly with clarity and understanding (Acts 4:13, 29, and 31; Acts 28:31). With his teaching/preaching, the people should be able to apply God’s truth to their everyday lives and to their relationships with God and with others.  Senior Pastor will preach every Sunday and teach a weekly Bible Study every Wednesday evening.

i.      Discipling – Teach believers to be learners and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. This would include teaching how to love and study God’s word, love others, pursue God’s will and to bear fruit. (Gal. 5:22-23)

ii.      Devotional life – Maintain a vital, wholesome and personal relationship with the Lord through daily Bible study and prayer. The Senior Pastor will be a person who has a vibrant devotional life, realizing this is critical to the success of his preaching and other pastoral duties.

iii.      Professional growth – Promote his Godly calling to ministry through continual growth through meeting with other pastors for study and encouragement and by attending seminars and conferences as deemed helpful to the Senior Pastor.

iv.      Encouraging/equipping – Recognize and encourage the church members to develop and use their spiritual gifts and talents to fulfill the mission of the church, all to the greater glory of God. (Eph. 6: 11-16)

b.       Leading: The Senior Pastor is responsible for strategic planning and coordination in the execution of the church’s purpose. He will define strategic goals and vision as the key leader. He would need to show the ability to provide spiritual direction for all aspects of church ministry.

i.       Vision – Have a firm grasp on the purpose, values and strategy of the church and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission.

ii.       Visitation – Oversee the pastoral care needs of the congregation and, as necessary, share with other ordained and lay ministers in hospital visitation, home visits, counseling, marriages and funerals.

iii.       Ministries – Is the leader of ministries in the church. This would include all established teams and committees. He will work with Deacons and ministerial staff to lead the church in performing their responsibilities regarding congregational growth and community engagement. The Senior Pastor will lead the church to engage in fellowship of the believers, evangelism to the community, worship of our Lord, discipleship of believers, and ministry to the flock and community. The goal is to provide direction to all ministries and to seek spiritual guidance from the Holy Spirit.

4.       Confidentiality.  The Senior Pastor must maintain a high level of confidentiality.  Discussions held with the Associate Pastor, Minister of Music, Children’s Minister/Director, Deacons, Personnel Ministry Team, and Church Members can be sensitive in nature and must be kept confidential.

5.       Staff Responsibilities.  The Senior Pastor will lead all staff meetings, and keep the staff informed of all the plans and activities.  The Senior Pastor will coordinate with and support the staff.  The Senior Pastor is the supervisor of all the staff employees, and he will discuss all personnel issues with the Personnel Ministry Team in a timely manner. The Senior Pastor will evaluate all staff employees in writing annually by February 28 for the previous calendar year’s performance. After the written performance evaluations are completed, a copy will be provided to the employee and to the Personnel Ministry Team. The Senior Pastor will conduct a meeting to discuss the performance evaluation with each employee, and he will ensure that at least one member of the Personnel Ministry Team is in attendance at each meeting.

6.       Education and Experience.  The Senior Pastor will be an ordained minister with at least 5 years of experience in a Southern Baptist Church.   A bachelor’s degree is preferred.  Seminary degree is preferred.

7.       Evaluation.  A team consisting of the Chairman of the Deacons, the Personnel Ministry Team, the Chairman of the Finance Ministry Team, and two other Church Members will conduct annual evaluations of the Senior Pastor.

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