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Associate Pastor Full Time

Grace Community Church, Madera

17755 Road 26, Madera, CA 93638



Job Overview
Grace Community Church seeks an Associate Pastor who loves God and loves others. This role is designed for a versatile individual committed to serving the diverse needs of our church, from preaching and teaching to supporting church ministries and engaging in pastoral care. The ideal candidate is someone eager to grow, both spiritually and professionally, and to contribute to the needs of our congregation and community. We prioritize finding the right person who is excited to explore how their specific giftings can best serve the Lord at Grace Community Church.

Key Responsibilities
The Associate Pastor at Grace Community Church will have the unique opportunity to shape their role in accordance with their spiritual gifts and areas of passion, in alignment with the church’s mission and needs. While certain core responsibilities are expected, we are committed to working with the Associate Pastor to tailor their duties to best suit their giftings. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·       Actively participate in the planning and execution of church services and events. Provide leadership and support to various church ministries.

·       Share in the preaching and teaching responsibilities, with the flexibility to focus on areas where the Associate Pastor feels most called and competent.

·       Engage in pastoral care duties, including but not limited to, counseling, visiting the sick and homebound, and conducting weddings and funerals.

·       Lead and develop others to lead, in discipleship, evangelism, biblical understanding, and loving and serving others.

·       Demonstrates a deep and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, evidenced by personal character, commitment to spiritual growth, and a love for God and others.

·       Preferred candidates will have theological training or be willing to pursue theological education.

·       Previous experience in pastoral roles is preferred, with a willingness to serve the diverse needs of the church.

·       Bilingual abilities in English and Spanish are advantageous, reflecting the linguistic diversity of Madera, but not required.

·       Strong leadership and effective communication skills, capable of preaching, teaching, and counseling with clarity and compassion.

To apply for this job email your details to brandon@gccmadera.com

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