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Student Pastor Full Time


Grove Hill, AL



Position Overview:

He is responsible to the Pastor for the planning, directing, and developing of a comprehensive Student Ministry for Grove Hill Baptist Church.


Minister of Students Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions):

1. Work closely with the Pastor, Minister of Music, and Youth Committee to coordinate youth activities and spiritual growth (especially where the youth program touches other church ministries: Youth Choir, Sunday School, Discipleship Training, and others).

2. Regular scheduled meetings with the Pastor, Youth Committee, and Children’s Committee.

3. Submit to the Pastor an annual calendar of events for youth activities by one month after the new Church year begins.

4. Coordinate Sunday and Wednesday evening Youth Bible Studies.

5. Coordinate monthly Youth visitations.

6. Attend important school events and extra-curricular activities.

7. Assist the Youth Committee in preparing an annual budget to be recommended to the Stewardship Committee.

8. Be responsible to the Pastor and willing to undertake other tasks that may be assigned to him for the good of the entire Church program. 


Christian Requirements:

1. He is to be a person of unquestioned Christian experience.

2. He is to be a Southern Baptist in accord with S.B.C. “The Baptist Faith and Message 2000”.

3. He is to be one who will promote the welfare and work of Southern Baptists in our Church, Association, and around the world.

4. He is to be called on a full-time basis.


Supervision Received:

Supervision is provided by the Pastor.



· Education:  Degree in Divinity or Christian Education desired but not required

· Basic communication skills (i.e. email, Microsoft Office Applications, etc.)

· Valid Driver’s License; A commercial drivers license is preferred and is encouraged upon employment. 

To apply for this job email your details to ghbc@grovehillbaptist.org

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