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Pastor to Students Full Time

Kingsland First Baptist Church

295 E Chester St, Kingsland, Georgia 31548



Position Title:    Pastor to Students

Evaluated by:    Senior Pastor

Reporting to this position:   All ministry leaders and volunteers for students

The Pastor to Students will be a man called of God and set apart to the gospel ministry, evangelical in theology, in accordance with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000 Edition), and committed to living and serving in a manner consistent with the standards set forth in Scripture for such a leader.  The Pastor to Students must be a man who exemplifies a godly character, is compassionate in recognizing and meeting the needs of others, and demonstrates a high level of competence in leading people to Christ, training adults to disciple students, building relationships with students, preaching to and teaching students, and in assimilating people into the body of Christ.

Qualifications and Responsibilities:

The Pastor to Students will:

1.       Be called by God and set apart to the gospel ministry, evangelical in theology, in accordance with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000 Edition), and be committed to live and serve in a manner consistent with the standards set forth in the Bible for a leader.

2.       Carry out the mission of KFBC in support of the Senior Pastor and in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of KFBC.

3.       Conform himself to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29).

4.       Equip, educate and edify the church as mandated in Ephesians 4:11-13.

5.       Be able to effectively present the gospel.

6.       Demonstrate faithfulness to the Lord and the people that comprise the membership of KFBC, its campuses and church plants.

7.       Demonstrate integrity in personal and financial matters.

8.       Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, both verbal and written.

9.       Be goal oriented and possess a strong work ethic.

10.   Be self-motivated and able to motivate others.

11.   Train leaders and volunteers to disciple people of all ages.

12.   Possess the ability to build meaningful relationships toward the goal of unity in the body of Christ.

13.   Possess the ability to manage and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

14.   Possess the ability to create, promote and execute detailed ministry plans for students.

15.   Demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Student Ministry Duties:

The Pastor to Students’ primary responsibilities will include:

1.       He is to preach to and teach all KFBC students (middle school and high school) on a weekly basis.

2.       He is to organize, staff, and lead the plan of KFBC for discipling students.

3.       He is to organize and lead the student ministry of KFBC to participate in mission trips and work.

4.       He is to build relationships with students that result in their spiritual growth and participation in the ministry of KFBC.

5.       He is to conduct regular outreach and evangelism by making phone call, visits and personal contacts on a weekly basis.

6.       He is to enlist and train volunteers to help with the Student ministries.

7.       He is to support the other ministries of the church.

8.       He is expected to show visible and verifiable fruit of evangelism and discipleship in leading student to Christ.

9.       He is expected to facilitate spiritual growth among the Teachers and Students.

10.   He is expected to provide leadership and vision to all aspects of the Student ministry.

11.   He is expected to be able to manage the ministry budgets given to him.

12.   He will be responsible to give update reports to the senior pastor, deacons, and congregation.

13.   Plan, coordinate, and execute a plan for discipling students through Sunday morning Life Groups.

General Ministry Duties:

1.       Support the mission and vision of the Senior Pastor and congregation of KFBC.

2.       Attend and participate in staff meetings

3.       Provide ministry reports to the Senior Pastor, deacons, congregation and other committees as requested

4.       Perform additional tasks as assigned by supervisor or Senior Pastor.

Pastoral Ministry Duties:

1. Support and assist the Senior Pastor in conducting pastoral ministry of KFBC

a.       Preach and lead the congregation as requested by Senior Pastor

b.       Assist the Senior Pastor in visitation, contacts, pastoral care, and any other pastoral task as necessary

c.       Provide biblical counseling to individuals and families in crisis

i.        Provide private personal counseling to individuals (children, students, and adults)

ii.      Provide private family counseling to couples and families

Physical Demands / Working Conditions:

This is a dynamic position requiring communication and support of numerous groups that meet at varying times.  It requires the handling of detailed, complex situations and events. It also requires balancing multiple tasks simultaneously.  He will need to create, promote, and implement plans that create new small groups while also supporting existing small groups that minister to students.  He will need to plan and meet deadlines and be willing to work odd and possibly irregular hours.  He will also demonstrate a commitment to continued personal and professional growth.

Education Requirements:

The Pastor to Students position should have a minimum 4-year degree in a ministry field from an accredited college OR a 4-year degree and be actively in pursuit of a seminary degree. A seminary degree is preferred.

To apply for this job email your details to jonmccahan@gmail.com

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