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Pastoral Ministry Assistant Full Time

Lakeland Baptist Church

397 S Stemmons Fwy





General Description: The Pastoral Ministry Assistant is responsible for assisting and supporting the Senior Pastor in the performance of his administrative and ministerial responsibilities for the church. This position is a great opportunity for someone who senses a call to be a senior/associate pastor and desires mentorship. In this role, the Pastoral Ministry Assistant will gain experience in various aspects of pastoral ministry and will be responsible for various management duties.

·         Supervisor: Senior Pastor

·         Classification: Full-Time Employee

·         Compensation: Full-Time Salary, Medical Coverage, and Retirement Contribution

·         Website: www.lakelandbaptist.org

·         Availability: Position is open as soon as July 1, 2024.

·         How To Apply: Submit resume with references, sermon links, and cover letter to Senior Pastor, Dr. Donald Schmidt ([email protected]).

Administrative/Ministry Duties and Responsibilities:

1.   Office and Clerical Duties.

a.   Gatekeeper Responsibilities.

·         Serve as gatekeeper to the Senior Pastor, while ensuring people are helped and served in a friendly and Christ-centered manner.

b.   Telephone Responsibilities.

·         Answer telephone calls directed to the Senior Pastor and screen calls as appropriate.

·         Review and prioritize telephone messages for the Senior Pastor.

·         Make telephone calls for and on behalf of the Senior Pastor, as directed.

c.   Correspondence Responsibilities.

·         Manage all forms of correspondence for the Senior Pastor, including voicemail, e-mail, and regular mail.

·         Review and/or draft the Senior Pastor’s correspondence, as directed.

·         Prepare and send the Pastor’s welcome letter to guests and new members of the church.

d.   Calendar Responsibilities.

·         Manage the Senior Pastor’s calendar, functioning as the primary contact person for meetings and other schedule commitments.

·         Maintain the Senior Pastor’s appointment calendar, entering meetings, conferences, community engagements, and church-wide activities onto the Senior Pastor’s calendar as requested.

·         Provide the Senior Pastor with reminders of upcoming appointments and assist in preparation as needed for such appointments.

e.   Travel Arrangement Responsibilities.

·         Make travel arrangements and coordinate speaking and ministry engagement logistics for the Senior Pastor.

f.    File Responsibilities.

·         Maintain files and databases for the Senior Pastor, including files for the Senior Pastor’s sermon transcripts, outlines, and notes.

g.   Meeting Responsibilities.

·         Assist the Senior Pastor with meeting preparation through the production of documents, handouts, reports, ordered meals, reminders, etc., as requested by the Senior Pastor.

·         Record meeting minutes, when requested, and assist in ensuring meetings proceed in a professional and timely manner.

h.   Deacon Ministry Responsibilities.

·         Serve as secretary to the Deacon Ministry by sending meeting notices to the Deacons, preparing agendas and information to be provided to the Deacons, recording and maintaining the minutes of all Deacon Ministry meetings.

·         Maintain a database and files of all active and inactive Deacons of the church.

i.    Budget and Financial Responsibilities.

·         Prepare and submit all applicable paperwork to the Financial Administration office for the Senior Pastor, including purchase order forms, automobile mileage requests, credit card expenditure summaries, etc.

j.    Church Records Responsibilities.

·         Maintain church database system for church membership.

·         Work with the Executive Pastor or Administrator in recording and maintaining the minutes of all church business meetings.

·         Prepare all annual reports to the Southern Baptist Convention and local and state conventions.

2.   Ministry Duties and Responsibilities.

a.   Community Responsibilities.

·         Represent the Senior Pastor in dealing with members of the congregation, other churches, and the community at large.

b.   Writing Assistance Responsibilities.

·         Research, edit, and distribute articles, manuscripts, and other written material produced by the Senior Pastor, as requested.

c.   Worship Preparation Responsibilities.

·         Prepare the bulletin for church worship services each week.

·         Prepare PowerPoint slides of the Senior Pastor’s sermons to be displayed during worship services, as needed.

·         Prepare Sunday morning announcements video.

·         Coordinate with other ministers or volunteers to ensure that the Senior Pastor has all media, handouts, or other materials needed for the worship services.

d.   Benevolence Assistance Responsibilities.

·         Manage benevolence ministry to individuals who need financial assistance.

e.   Prayer Meeting Responsibilities.

·         Lead Wednesday night prayer meetings in the Senior Pastor’s absence.

f.    Guest Reception Responsibilities.

·         Assist the Senior Pastor with welcoming guests during the Sunday morning Guest Reception time.

g.   Funeral Preparation Responsibilities.

·         Assist the Senior Pastor with planning funerals.

h.   Teaching and Preaching Responsibilities.

·         Assist with teaching and preaching opportunities if gifted for it.

i.    Counseling Assistance Responsibilities.

·         Join the Senior Pastor in counseling sessions as needed.

j.    Visitation and Outreach Assistance Responsibilities.

·         Assist the Senior Pastor in hospital/home visitations and community outreach.

k.   Website Maintenance Responsibilities.

·         Manage the church’s website to ensure it is up to date with respect to its operating platform and the activities, events, and information displayed about the church.

l.    Graphic Design Responsibilities.

·         Create effective print, digital, and online graphics and logos to communicate and promote church ministries, missions, and other information.

m.  Social Media and Multi-Media Responsibilities.

·         Plan, design, implement, and manage the church’s social media presence and communications.

·         Create and manage text, audio, and video productions.

3.   Other Duties. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Spiritual and Professional Qualifications:

1.   Salvation and Spiritual Growth. Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and demonstrates a passion for Christ and His Kingdom through personal spiritual discipline and public ministry and through a desire to grow in his relationship with Christ through personal spiritual discipline, education, accountability, and service to His Kingdom.

2.   Education. Has a college degree and is actively working towards a seminary degree (e.g., MDIV, MACE, ThM, DMin, or PhD).

3.   Experience.

·         Is experienced in handling a wide range of administrative, clerical, and executive support-related tasks and able to work independently with little supervision.

·         Prefer some experience as a senior level administrative assistant.

·         Possesses a working knowledge of standard office equipment.

·         Demonstrates strong working knowledge of computers and proficiency in software programs, including Microsoft Office applications, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Excel, database systems and use of the Internet.

4.   Skills.

·         Has good people skills and the ability to work with staff as a part of the team and to connect with the members of the church.

·         Has strong writing and verbal communication skills, strong decision-making ability, and attention to detail, with the ability to review correspondence for procedural and grammatical accuracy, conformance with policy/practices and factual correctness.

·         Possesses efficient, caring, and discerning telephone skills.

·         Has effective time-management skills.

·         Able to maintain strict confidentiality of all information received, seen, and heard.

5.   Characteristics.

·         Strives for excellence in his work and ministry and in all aspects of his life.

·         Has a heart for the ministry of the gospel and of Lakeland Baptist Church.

·         Has a teachable spirit and is able to receive instruction well.

·         Desires to advance the gospel through evangelism and discipleship.

·         Anticipates needs, takes initiative with problems, and is always asking, “How can I help you today?”

·         Possesses the desire to aid the Senior Pastor in fulfilling his responsibilities and lighten his load whenever possible.

To apply for this job email your details to vmiller@lakelandbaptist.org

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