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Children’s Director Full Time

Lakepointe Church

53245 Van Dyke Shelby Township, MI 48094



Children’s Director

Purpose: To create a children’s ministry that spiritually equips children, empowers and trains volunteers, engages parents, and provides children with a biblical foundation.

Reports to: Executive Pastor               Reports to you: Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Employee type: Ministry Staff             Position type: Full Time

Hours per week: 40 hours per week

Areas of Responsibility:

General Leadership Responsibilities

  • Have a complete commitment to the vision of Lakepointe Church
  • Participate, as a member of the pastoral leadership team, attending necessary meetings and special events.
  • Oversee the teaching aspect of all LP Kids activities and events.
  • Assist the effort to minister to the parenting needs of the church body.
  • Attract and retain children and families to LP Kids, fostering relationships and building spiritual growth.
  • Participate in all staff meetings and retreats.
  • Oversee the LP Kids branding and marketing. This includes the web presence (website, social media), emails, direct mailing, and marketing.
  • Meet regularly with the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor, allowing all parties to stay informed.

LP Kids Responsibilities

  • Maintain environments – organization, inventory, improvements, advise of needed repairs.
  • Develop and execute a yearly strategic plan for LP Kids.
  • Establish a network of resources with other vibrant children’s ministries and conferences.
  • Order products needed as related to LP Kids.
  • In consultation with senior church leadership, develop an annual budget for LP Kids and operate within the constraints of that budget.
  • Promote community involvement by planning opportunities for LP kids and families to serve in outreach opportunities throughout the year. 
  • Review all curriculum used by LP Kids and ensure they are consistent with the church’s doctrinal commitments.
  • Plan and execute yearly LP KIds events such as VBS, Movie nights, Christmas and Easter.
  • Coordinate with other ministries pertaining to LP Kids (ex: Baptism, VBS, Family events, Promotion Sunday, holidays, LP Kids store, childcare for special events)

LP KIds Staff/Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Develop and utilize systems to recruit, manage, schedule, and retain volunteer staff to lead LP Kids.
  • Work with LP Students to make the transition from LP Kids to LP Students smooth for each child and their parents.
  • Lead all volunteers to ‘own’ their areas of responsibility and give them opportunity to lead when available and appropriate. 

Personal Responsibilities:

  • Passionately strive to live the abundant life through applying the six core values of Lakepointe Church in a vital daily relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • People Matter
    • Live Boldly
    • Make it Better
    • Be the Church
    • Lead with Generosity
    • All for One… One for Al
  • Maintain the God ordained priorities in your life putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, children third and ministry fourth.
  • Be a faithful giver of your income to the vision of Lakepointe Church.
  • Avoid the appearance of evil, let no hint of immorality exist and conduct life in utmost integrity in all situations.
  • Lead by example in supporting the major ministries and outreach events of Lakepointe.
  • Loyalty to the vision and staff of Lakepointe, always protect the unity God has given this church.
  • Investing and inviting the lost to know Jesus Christ and “come” to Lakepointe Church.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Recruit and retain consistent leaders for LP Kids.
  • Develop, find and schedule training opportunities for LP Kids volunteer leaders.
  • Create an exciting, creative, vibrant, educational, Gospel centered Sunday Morning that equips children biblically, stimulates gospel questions, and reinforces biblical truth.
  • Organize and run an effective VBS that ministers to our community, energizes the church and engages children with the gospel.

To apply for this job email your details to chris@lakepointechurch.org

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