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VPK and Preschool Director Full Time

Neptune Baptist Church

Neptune Baptist Church WEE School



Title: WEE School Director of Neptune Baptist Church

Position Type: Full Time

Compensation: 35K-45K based on Experience plus Benefits 

Reports To: Senior Pastor and WEE School Board


The director of the WEE school oversees the day to day administration of NBC’s preschool ministry.  The director supervises the teachers and aides that work with the children.  The director also works to build bridges between the parents of the WEE School students and the staff and church body of NBC.


  • The individual must have an active Director Credential
  • The individual must have an active VPK Director Credential
  • The individual must have an active CPR certification
  • The individual must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning
  • The individual must be able to pass a Department of Children and Families Background Check
  • The individual must be able to pass a Department of Children and Families Central Abuse Hotline Records Search


  • Serve as a non-voting member of the WEE School Committee
  • Involvement in the volunteer ministries of Neptune Baptist Church
  • The Director will work with the Committee in the formulation of policies and in making reports to the Church
  • Hire and terminate staff members with the approval and consent of the WEE School Committee and/or the Neptune Baptist Church Pastor
  • Shall plan for and execute all steps necessary to maintain accreditation and compliance with any required governing bodies (State of Florida, DCF, etc.)
  • Supervise the overall operation of the Weekday Early Education Program
  • Plan with the Pastor, the WEE School Committee, and the faculty, a program of education and care suited to meet the needs and the ages of all children enrolled
  • Supervise faculty members in carrying out the daily program
  • Lead in regular evaluations of the program
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations of the WEE school faculty
  • Coordinate with other church program leaders who share facilities, equipment and resources
  • Secure substitute teachers
  • Schedule regular faculty meetings for planning and evaluating the program (monthly and yearly)
  • Attend professional conferences and workshops and encourage all faculty to do the same
  • Plan for health and safety, seeing that all faculty have proper physical examinations and negative TB tests
  • Maintain personnel files for each staff member
  • Keep a personal information file on each child enrolled in the program following the rules and regulations of the Florida Department of Children and Families as well as ongoing developmental assessments of each child. Each file should include the following: Department of Children and Families Physical Form and Immunization Form, emergency contact information, attendance records, medical information concerning allergies, hospitalizations and chronic illnesses, written permission to obtain children’s photos, video footage, digital imagery, or any other form of publication, permission to release information to other families in a child’s class, required signature form, emergency release form, enrollment information form, and an application for admission
  • Develop a parent handbook, personnel policies, procedures, and guide with the approval of the Committee
  • Prepare the program budget in consultation with the WEE School Committee
  • Administer the program within the limits of the budget consulting regularly with the WEE School Committee
  • Work with the WEE School Assistant Director, Bookkeeper, and/or Church Financial consultant in administering the WEE School ministry accounts
  • Be trained in First Aid and CPR


As part of the NBC ministry team, attend weekly staff meetings and any other agreed upon staff development and planning gatherings. 


  • Bible-believing Christian who demonstrates the Fruit of the Spirit and maintains and displays a high standard of Christian morals, ethics and a Christ like attitude toward all individuals. Must be willing to provide a statement of faith and testimony to support this.
  • Must be an active member of Neptune Baptist Church, or demonstrate eligibility and intent to become an active member of Neptune Baptist Church.
  • Regularly attend church services at Neptune Baptist Church, be a member of a life group, and serve the church in other capacities.
  • Agreement with the church’s Statement of Faith (see bylaws) and with the vision, mission, and values of the church
  • Agree to submit to the NBC Policies and Procedures Manual


  • The Wee School Director shall work for an unspecified time.
  • The Wee School Director works at the pleasure of the Pastor and WEE Board. The Wee School Director can be asked to step down at any time if the Pastor and WEE Board feel it is the best course of action for the Church, the WEE School and/or for the individual.
  • The Wee School Director shall receive an annual job performance review by the Pastor and/or the WEE School Board
  • If the Wee School Director is released from the job duties, he or she will be entitled to 2 weeks paid compensation for each year served at Neptune which shall be capped at a maximum of 6 months total severance
  • Any involvement by the Wee School Director in spiritual, ethical, moral, or legal violations of God’s Word may be grounds for immediate dismissal. 

To apply for this job email your details to travislaney@me.com

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