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Network Catalyst Full Time

North Florida Baptist Network

Lake City, FL


1. Qualifications
a. Must be a spiritually mature Christian, committed to continued spiritual growth,
     and exhibit a strong desire to reach the unsaved and un-churched.
b. Must be in doctrinal agreement with the BF&M 2000 and hold a degree from a
    Southern Baptist College or Southern Baptist Seminary.
c. Must have successful experience in church or denominational administration,
    strong interpersonal skills, and ability to lead with vision and enthusiasm.
1. Responsibilities
a. Ministry to Pastors and church leaders
i. Provide peer learning and training opportunities
ii. Provide pastoral ministry to pastors/staff and their families
iii. Build and invest in relationships with pastors and church leaders in order
      to be able to provide coaching and encouragement when needed
b. Support the ministry and missions of network churches
i. Seek to support, encourage, and promote new and existing ministries and
    mission opportunities of network churches rather than creating network-centric ministries
ii. Support and facilitate specific region wide ministry opportunities (ie: Operation Christmas Child, Disaster Relief,                                         Mobile Dental Unit, etc)
iii. When possible, work to connect network churches together for
partnership in ministry and mission opportunities
c. Function as the Network Representative
i. Participate in national, state, and local denominational meetings, events, and trainings
ii. Advocate for and seek opportunities to expand the Network where appropriate
iii. Promote engagement from network churches in broader SBC life
d. General Administration
i. Lead and manage other network staff
ii. Lead in planning and coordinating a network calendar and budget
iii. Other administrative duties as needed

To apply for this job email your details to apply@nfbnetwork.com

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