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Associate Pastor Full Time

San Francisco Chinese Baptist Church (SFCBC)

1811 34th Avenue, San Francisco, CA



SFCBC Associate Pastor’s Job Description


The SFCBC Associate Pastor position is a full time ministry position that will focus on Preaching, Teaching, Shepherding, and Mentoring areas of ministry including general church leadership support of the Senior Pastor in his work.  He leads by example of Christian living for others to follow.  Under the supervision of the Senior Pastor, the Associate Pastor equips the lay people of the congregation as they carry out the church’s ministry.  The Associate Pastor takes part in worship and outreach, and provides pastoral care to people in need.  As a vital member of the pastoral team consists of Senior Pastor, English Ministers, Administrative Assistance; the Associate Pastor performs duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor; and works closely with the Board of Deacons, Church Council, and various committees to carry out the church mission towards the realization of the church vision.  The Associate Pastor strives to provide for the spiritual growth of individuals, and discerns God’s words for both the English and Chinese congregations.  While ultimately accountable to God, the Associate Pastor is under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor, and reports indirectly to the Board of Deacons.  Because the job description and areas of responsibility of the Associate Pastor are quite similar to that of the Senior Pastor, it is the expectation of the Church that the Associate Pastor will assume the duties of the of the Senior Pastor in his absence:


1.      Preaching and Teaching:

·         Preaches in either or both the English and Chinese worships when delegated by the Senior Pastor. 

·         Provide teaching, discipleship training, nurturing, leadership, guidance and support to those serving in various ministries of the church

·         Works with Worship Committee to develop worship themes and schedule.


2.      Spirituality and Ministry:

·         Works with church leaders to identify the spiritual gifts and abilities of people in the congregation

·         Committed to encourage spiritual growth and to provide guidance to seekers

·         Personal growth –

                                                                            i.      Active devotional life and intercessory prayer life

                                                                          ii.      Personal holiness and integrity


3.      Pastoral Care – Shepherding & Mentoring: 

·         Shepherd the congregation as in John 21:15-17

·         Counsels and assists those going through life changes as weddings, funerals, job loss, depression, crisis, etc.

·         Demonstrates love, care with willingness and availability to help through regular visits to homes, hospitals, and other care facilities

·         Motivates church congregation to seek God through Bible study and prayer life

·         Follow up of visitors to the church


4.      Administration:

·         Assist the Senior Pastor in overseeing the administrative (supervision, coaching, support, evaluations) functions of the church in collaboration with the church staff and officers when delegated by the Senior Pastor

·         Works with various committees to ensure the effective management of church functions and use of church resources.

·         Team player and builder


5.      Community and Denominational Relationship:

·         Cultivates relationships on behalf of the church with Southern Baptist Convention affiliates.

·         Connects appropriate persons in the congregation with community concerns.

·         Works with other Christian organizations for evangelism and relief efforts.


6.      Professional Development:

·         Engages in professional development activities such as training seminars, denomination convention, and pastor’s retreats etc. on a regular basis.



At pre-arranged time intervals, the Pastoral Committee appointed by the Board of Deacons will consult with the Senior Pastor regarding the state of the church ministry.

The Senior Pastor may invite the Associate Pastor to attend some of these consultation sessions.  This type of consultation session may include goal setting for the church as a whole to meet her mission and objectives.  The Senior Pastor and the Pastoral Committee shall evaluate the overall effectiveness of the church in reaching these pre-set goals, and make recommendations to the Board of Deacons and the Church Council as required for improved effectiveness.  The Associate Pastor may be asked to make some of these recommendations, and to take part in continual communication exchanges.


While the above job description seeks to summarize the major responsibilities of the SFCBC Associate Pastor, other specific duties and assignments may be assigned to the Associate Pastor at the discretion of the Senior Pastor.  Other concerns and issues may arise that may also require the above job responsibilities to be adjusted.  If and when such a need arises, the Senior Pastor and the Associate Pastor will consult with the Board of Deacons as to the nature of those adjustments.  Major changes may need the approval of the congregation.


To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Cecilia Lo email address – [email protected]

To apply for this job email your details to cecilialo@sbcglobal.net

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