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Director of Missions (DOM) of the Estrella Baptist Association Part Time

Estrella Baptist Association

Phoenix, AZ



Estrella Baptist Association
Director of Missions
Proposed Job Description

The Director of Missions (hereafter “DOM”) will serve as the administrative director of the Estrella Baptist Association (hereafter “EBA”), a resource for its member churches, and an advocate on behalf of the EBA and its member churches with appropriate Southern Baptist entities. The primary task of the DOM within the EBA is to coordinate the collective missional purpose as determined by the EBA Executive Board. The missional purpose is subject to change at the discretion of the Executive Board of the EBA.

At the time of this posting, the proposed missional purpose is expressed in three primary objectives: strengthening of existing member churches, planting of new local member churches, and increasing cooperation and interconnection between pastors and between member churches (as proposed during a special meeting of the Executive Board on January 25th, 2024).

1.     The DOM must be Christian, saved by grace through faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As such, he must consistently live a life worthy of that calling and conforming to biblical standards of behavior.
2.     The DOM must perceive and confess a clear calling to vocational ministry. As such, he must meet the biblical qualifications for an elder/overseer as outlined in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3 and that calling must have been affirmed through ordination. If he is married, his wife must likewise affirm and be in support of his call to ministry.
3.     The DOM must be a committed supporter of, and thoroughly acquainted with, Southern Baptist Missions and denominational structures. As such, he must also fully affirm the beliefs and standards of the Southern Baptist Faith and Message statement 2000.
4.     The DOM must communicate effectively in writing and orally to individuals and groups, in person and remotely. As such, he must be able to use and adapt to current trends and methods of communication and media distribution.
5.     The DOM must be a gifted administrator, organizing resources and motivating teams within the EBA to carry out their tasks and to contribute to our joint mission. His administrative duties must be carried out in a timely manner without supervision.
6.     The DOM must have at least five (5) years of experience as a lead pastor (or equivalent position) with regular preaching responsibilities.
7.     The DOM should have a master’s degree with an emphasis on ministry or theology from a biblically faithful, accredited theological seminary.

Activities and Responsibilities
1.     The DOM will be under the authority of the EBA, meeting in general session, and under the authority of the Executive Board.  He will seek to coordinate efforts toward the fulfillment of the collective missional purposes defined by these groups.
2.     The DOM will supervise all paid staff and volunteers of the EBA.
3.     The DOM will be responsible for stewarding all assets of the EBA including, but not limited to preparing an annual budget for proposal to the general session, providing regular updates to the Executive Board, and distributing those assets according to the expressed wishes of the EBA and Executive Board.
4.     The DOM will maintain familiarity with resources of the EBA, state and national Southern Baptist convention, and additional outside sources available to member churches of the EBA. He will regularly and proactively educate member churches about these resources.  He will advise and advocate on behalf of member churches when they make a need known.
5.     The DOM will regularly meet with the pastoral staff of member churches in order to counsel, encourage, and assess the needs of member churches and staff.
6.     The DOM will communicate regularly with the various missional teams of the EBA in order to encourage and facilitate their activity and efficacy toward their assigned task(s). He will seek to keep the teams informed of activities and circumstances within the EBA that may impact their efforts and directives.
7.     The DOM will regularly review the membership and contribution records of the EBA, communicate with member churches regarding questions or concerns that arise, and make recommendations to the Association regarding the addition or removal of member churches.
8.     The DOM will keep a record of his work to include hours worked in each category of activity, paid time off utilized, and contact records for member churches and association teams. This record will be kept up to date at all times and provided to the Executive Board every 90 days (or according to a schedule to be determined by the Executive Board).
Hours, Remuneration, and Benefits
1.     The DOM is currently a part-time, salaried position. Average hours worked per week in any given month must be 20 – 25 hours. The DOM will have the freedom to set his own schedule, however flexibility must be maintained to be available to all member churches at a variety of times as necessary.
2.     Paid Time Off (hereafter “PTO”) includes full pay for any planned vacation time and sick days that make the DOM unable to complete weekly hours as outlined above. Annual PTO hours will be awarded based on total years of experience in ministry, starting with four weeks’ PTO (80 hours) for at least five years of ministry experience. After ten or more years of experience the DOM will receive five weeks of PTO (100 hours) per year.
3.     PTO will be issued in full at the beginning of each calendar year. The first year’s PTO will be prorated based on the date of hire. PTO may not be carried over from year-to-year. The DOM will notify the Executive Board two weeks in advance of any planned PTO of at least one full week. In the unlikely event of planned PTO of more than one day within the first six months of employment and planned PTO of more than two contiguous weeks at any time must receive prior approval of the Executive Board.
4.     Days taken off on PTO will reduce the weekly hours expectation by four hours for each full day taken off.
5.     The DOM may accept honorariums and other remuneration for activities outside the scope of his regular duties that are not counted towards his weekly hours. Due to the part-time nature of this position, hours spent on pulpit-fill (message preparation or preaching) or interim pastoral work, even for EBA member churches, cannot be counted as part of the weekly hours in his role as DOM, but may be compensated by the receiving church directly.
6.     The DOM will be required to attend the National Southern Baptist Convention as well as the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. The DOM will include in each annual budget proposed to the EBA appropriate expenses necessary for attendance of both conventions to be paid by the EBA. If the EBA is unable or unwilling to pay travel expenses, to either convention, the requirement to attend will be waived. The time at each convention will count as not more than two weeks of working hours.
7.     After seven years of service, the DOM may petition the EBA Executive Board for a sabbatical of two continuous months of research and study for personal enrichment. This request may be renewed at intervals of seven years. If granted by the executive board, these sabbaticals will be at full pay and benefits.

Dear Brother,

Thank you for your interest in the Estrella Baptist Association Director of Missions position. As we prayerfully consider applicants for the DOM role, we ask that you join us in praying for God’s guidance.

The Estrella Baptist Association represents about 40 churches that are spread out over a large geographic area. Many of the churches are located in the West Valley of Phoenix, but we have churches spread out from Gilbert to Congress, and to Ajo. As the population continues to grow and expand in the area we serve, we are an association transitioning to meet the needs of the future.

We are looking for a DOM that will be a catalyst motivating pastors, churches, and teams to unify around a common vision and mission. The executive board has identified three major areas that will be the primary focus, which are Church Strengthening, Church Planting, and Pastoral and Church Connection.

The DOM will work to strengthen and support local churches throughout the association. The support, strength, and resources of the associated churches will need to be organized and directed to achieve this goal. The DOM will work with churches in the association to plant and support new churches in order to reach the demands of the growing population. The DOM will work to catalyze and facilitate opportunities for pastors and member churches to grow and connect with each other in fellowship and edification.

As the new DOM works towards strengthening the association in these three areas, he will also be tasked with developing a clear vision for the association and updating the bylaws to reflect that vision. We believe that God has much work for us to accomplish in the future as the EBA grows and we are looking for a DOM that will be a catalyst of growth.

Once again, thank you for your interest in this position and for joining us in prayer. If you have any questions, please let us know.

In Christ,

EBA Search Committee

To apply for this job email your details to jeremiah@spbch.org

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