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Vice President for Financial Services/CFO Full Time

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

2001 W Seminary Drive, Fort Worth TX 76115



Position Title: Vice President for Financial Services/CFO

Department: Business Administration

Date Prepared: May 2024

FLSA Status: Exempt / Full Time

Standard of Christian Commitment

Employees must be professing Christ followers who possesses a strong commitment to the mission and core values of Southwestern Seminary and Texas Baptist College, possess a clear understanding of Southern Baptist heritage and culture, and agrees to serve in accordance with and not contrary to the current edition of the Baptist Faith and Message.

Southwestern Seminary, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, is a confessional institution. While the Seminary serves the larger evangelical Christian community, employees must embrace the values and standards the Seminary represents as it fulfills its mission of shaping Christian leaders within our denominational context.

Since job duties require an employee to represents the Seminary to prospective and current students, candidates must abide by the Seminary bylaws, the Employee Handbook, and the current edition of the Baptist Faith and Message as a condition of employment.

Job Summary:

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the Seminary serves as a pivotal member of the President’s senior leadership team, directing financial strategies and ensuring the institution’s fiscal health and compliance. The role encompasses a broad array of responsibilities, including financial planning and oversight of multiple departments crucial to the Seminary’s operations. The CFO collaborates closely with executive leadership, the Board of Trustees, and external stakeholders to make informed decisions that align with the organization’s mission and objectives. With extensive decision-making authority, the CFO plays a critical role in shaping the Seminary’s financial future while upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and ethical conduct. This position requires a seasoned financial leader with a comprehensive understanding of finance, accounting principles, and regulatory compliance, along with exceptional communication and leadership skills. The CFO must possess a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and ethical conduct within the institution.

Essential Job Functions / Responsibilities

  • Develop financial strategies by forecasting capital, facilities; identifying monetary resources; and developing action plans.
  • Monitor financial performance by measuring and analyzing results; initiating corrective actions; and minimizing the impact of variances.
  • Ensure credibility of the Finance group by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends, and forecasts.
  • Lead efforts to identify, acquire, and implement systems and software to provide critical financial and operational information.
  • Evaluate and advise on the impact of long-range planning, introduction of new programs/strategies, and regulatory action.
  • Enhance and/or develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures of the organization by way of systems that will improve the overall operation and effectiveness of the corporation.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with senior executives to identify their needs and seek a full range of business solutions.
  • Ensure that effective internal controls are in place and ensure compliance with GAAP and applicable federal, state, and local regulatory laws and rules for financial and tax reporting.
  • Oversee and manage financial and budgetary affairs, direct facility maintenance and improvements,
  • Serves as a member of the President’s senior leadership team.
  • Serves as a member of the Data Governance Council.
  • Act as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Seminary under the direction of the President.
  • Direct and oversee the work of the following departments/programs: Accounting/Finance, Student Financial Services, Campus Housing, Event
  • Management, Purchasing, Facilities Maintenance, Warehouse Support, and third-party contractors for custodial and dining services while fostering a culture of continuous improvement, professional growth, and collaboration.

Skills / Requirements

  • Financial Analysis: Expertise in financial analysis and decision-making based on financial data.
  • Accounting: Strong understanding of accounting principles, corporate finance, and financial reporting.
  • Technology: Proficiency with financial software and systems, including ERP platforms.
  • Data Analysis: Ability to leverage big data analytics and financial modeling tools.
  • Leadership and Management: Ability to inspire and lead teams, manage cross-functional projects and initiatives.
  • Communication: Excellent presentation and written communication skills, capable of explaining complex financial information to stakeholders with different levels of financial acumen.
  • Financial Management: Extensive experience in and knowledge of finance management, including planning, forecasting, and budgeting, and cost control principles.
  • Leadership: Proven experience in a leadership role, ideally within the finance department of a mid-sized or large organization.
  • Strategic Planning: Experienced in strategic planning and execution.
  • Compliance and Control: Knowledge of compliance, financial reporting, and legal requirements in finance.
  • Industry-Specific Experience: Depending on the industry, specific background might be required (e.g., religious, on-profit, high education)
  • Problem-Solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to manage complex and critical decision-making.
  • Ethics: High ethical standards and professionalism, with a commitment to maintaining confidentiality.
  • Exhibits a humble, patient, and collaborative spirit in order to create a healthy and vibrant work culture for the staff team.
  • Possess a strong work ethic and initiative.
  • Ability to multi-task, pays attention to detail, and be a team player.
  • Expectation to strive for personal and professional growth in leadership and general ministry effectiveness.
  • Function at a high level successfully achieving institutional goals through the values of being Grace Filled, Christ Centered, Scripturally Grounded,
  • Confessionally Guided, Student Focused and Globally Engaged.

Qualifications / Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or related fields; master’s degree preferred.
  • Significant experience in non-profit accounting.
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) preferred or significant experience overseeing accounting and finance functions
  • 10+ years of progressively responsible financial leadership roles, preferably in religious, non-profit, higher education environments
  • Ability to provide proof of Work Authorization in the U.S. and proof of identity.
  • Valid driver’s license, Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) and personal auto insurance may be required.
  • Successful completion of background check is a requirement of all position, additional education verification, employment verification and credit check may be required.


  • Directly supervises approximately 4 leaders who oversee departments with about 100 full-time and part-time employees.
  • Departments include, Accounting/Finance, Student Finance Services, Housing, Riley Center Hotel and events, Purchasing/Warehouse Operations,
  • Facilities Maintenance and Landscaping.
  • Reports to the President.

Decision-Making Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for making strategic financial decisions that directly impact the Seminary’s short-term and long-term financial health.
  • Leads financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting processes to ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Oversees financial risk management and develops strategies to mitigate risks associated with financial operations.
  • Plays a key role in investment decisions and capital allocation to optimize returns while managing liquidity needs.
  • Provides guidance and analysis to the executive team and Board of Trustees on financial matters, offering insights into potential opportunities and risks.
  • Acts as a signatory authority on behalf of the Seminary, with the ability to enter into financial agreements and contracts that may have significant implications for the organization.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and accounting standards to minimize legal and financial risks.
  • Collaborates with internal stakeholders and external partners to drive financial efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.
  • Represents the Seminary in financial negotiations and discussions with vendors, lenders, and other relevant parties.
  • Takes ownership of financial reporting processes, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and timeliness in financial disclosures.

Exposure to Confidential Information

Handles highly confidential financial information with discretion and integrity, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data related to the Seminary’s financial operations and strategies. Consequences of release of such information could result in non-compliance with governmental laws, cause irreparable damage to faculty/staff/student reputation, or bring detrimental publicity to the Seminary.

Work Conditions and Physical Requirements

  • Position is expected to keep regular office hours on site with additional hours required during financial reporting periods or as needed.
  • Able to use a computer for extended periods.
  • Must be able to present to small and large groups.
  • Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision and ability to adjust focus.

To apply for this job please visit swbts.clearcompany.com.

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