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Head Administrator Full Time

Trinity Baptist Church Apopka

Trinity Christian School Apopka


Trinity Christian School Apopka (a ministry of Trinity Baptist Church Apopka) is seeking a Head Administrator. The Head Administrator of Trinity Christian School (TCS), in partnership with the school board, is responsible for the success of the school. The Head Administrator provides spiritual, educational, and administrative leadership to TCS. It is the Head Administrator’s responsibility to inspire, lead, and direct all phases of the school’s operation, programs, budget, personnel, and environment. The Head Administrator works in cooperation with the direction, policies, and procedures established by the school board.


It is expected the Head Administrator will possess…

  • A thriving and growing relationship with Christ that is above reproach.
  • Be an active member of Trinity Baptist Church.
  • Minimum of five years classroom teaching experience.
  • Minimum of three years of experience in an administrative role.
  • Master of Education in Leadership degree from an accredited university.
  • Florida Department of Education and ACSI certification.
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles, methods, strategies, goals, and objectives in educational and administrative responsibilities.
  • Ability to effectively lead, plan, organize, and implement the management and activities of school operations.
  • Ability to create a positive, caring culture for students and staff to grow in their relationship to Christ.
  • Maintain importance of discernment, discretion, and confidentiality in the school’s operation.
  • Excellent oral and written communication.
  • Continue to develop professionally in new methodologies, initiatives, and concepts in education and leadership.
  • Stand in agreement with the TCS lifestyle policy, agreement with 2000 Baptist Faith and Message, and vision of Trinity Baptist Church.


1.Spiritual Leadership
It is expected the Head Administrator will…

  • Maintain and evaluate spiritual growth and goals for students and staff.
  • Demonstrate high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional matters.
  • Create a Christ-centered, positive, caring, and supportive work environment.
  • Lead or delegate the organization and coordination of chapel programs.
  • Partner with TBC pastor in collaborative ministry opportunities between TBC and TCS.

2.Academic Leadership

It is expected the Head Administrator will…

  • Provide and oversee curriculum development.
  • Set growing expectation of technology use in the classroom.
  • Hold school instructional staff accountable for meeting the educational goals and standards.
  • Maintain ASCI accreditation of the school.
  • Document certification status of instructional staff.
  • Ensure classrooms reflect a professional and Christian environment.
  • Attend conferences, workshops, and other opportunities to stay current on educational trends.
  • Report yearly standardized testing results to school board and parents.
  • Lead the school staff in ongoing professional development.
  • Ensure instructional staff are evaluated and complete evaluations of non-instructional staff.

3. Administrative Leadership

It is expected the Head Administrator will…

  • Work in collaboration with the school board to create policies and procedures.
  • Administer the policies and procedures set by the school board.
  • In cooperation with the School Board, develop instructional staff contracts and employee agreements.
  • Manage personnel including hiring, maintaining, and removal of staff.
  • Ensure that all school personnel have current written job descriptions.
  • Ensure that all personnel files are current, treated with appropriate confidentiality, and adequately safeguarded.
  • Provide oversight and leadership for staff meetings and in-service opportunities.
  • Meet regularly with school principals and staff to ensure effective communication and implementation of directives.
  • Develop and communicate all handbooks and course descriptions.
  • Be present at school events and outings.
  • Conduct emergency drills and periodic building and property safety inspections.
  • Complete all other tasks as assigned by TBC pastor and school board.

4. Legal Compliance

It is expected the Head Administrator will…

  • Stay informed and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations that apply to Christian education.
  • Ensure that all records – business, personnel, and student – are adequate, accurate and administered legally.
  • Supervise and maintain the operations of state-funded and federally funded programs/grants.

5. Governance

It is expected the Head Administrator will…

  • Report to the school board information and counsel on the school’s educational challenges and procedures.
  • Make recommendations to the school board on items requiring board action, with thorough study and analysis completed.
  • Create a long-range strategic plan for the school in association with the board.
  • Attend and participate in all school board meetings.
  • Show support for school board policies and decisions to the staff, students, and parents.

6. Business and Finances

It is expected the Head Administrator will…

  • Operate, maintain and promote financial accountability and transparency.
  • Develop and implement a long-range financial plan for approval by the board.
  • Work with the school board to develop staff salaries, benefits, and student tuition.
  • Present purchases outside the school budget to the school board for approval before they are executed.

7. Development and Public Relations

It is expected the Head Administrator will…

  • Prepare a formal annual published report that includes the statistics and accomplishments of the school and its future plans to the school board.

You may also view this position on our website at https://tcsapopka.org/about/job-opportunities.

Qualified candidates should submit their a resume to [email protected].

To apply for this job please visit tcsapopka.org.

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