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Youth Minister Part Time

Woodlawn Baptist Church

20080 Witherwax Road Iowa, LA 70647



Job Description for Youth Pastor At Woodlawn Baptist Church

Qualifications & Personal Intentions:

A. To have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and to have taken the step of believers baptism.

B. Be a “team player” with church leadership.

C. Maintain a godly character that no reproach may come through him upon the Body of Christ.

D. Meet qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

E. Biblical Training in Youth Ministry


The Youth Pastor is called by vote of the church. Such a vote shall be at least three-fourths of the members present at the meeting.

Responsibilities & Duties:

I. Personal Life:

A. Growing Relationship with God

1. Personal Worship time every day

2. Continuing education via challenging books, conferences, classes

3. Develop accountability with those who will “sharpen your walk.”

4. Role Model for youth, loyalty to church and outreach in community.

B. Family Nurturing (if married)

1. Maintain healthy relationship with spouse and children that is pleasing to God and sets a good example for others.

2. Schedule calendar in advance to meet balanced needs of family and church life.

II. Youth Ministry:

A. Winning the Lost to Christ

– Outreach to both religious lost and secular lost youth in our community

– Make contact with youth outside of Church Building

– Attend variety of religious and secular Youth Functions held in our community

– Plan and provide outreach events

– Make and maintain positive relationships with leaders in the community (e.g. school)

B. Building the Believer in Christ

– Nurture youth in their relationship with Christ

– Provide regular meetings/activities for Middle School and High School aged youth

C. Equipping the Worker to Serve Christ

– Train youth to serve

D. Sending the Servant to Make Christ-like Disciples.

– Create and provide youth with opportunities to serve (Youth Led outreach events example – “See you at the Pole”)

– Encourage youth in the area of Christian vocational ministries

III. Establish & Coordinate Volunteer Youth Leaders

A. Secure, train and nurture volunteers who desire to be a part of the youth leadership team.

B. Delegate the work of the youth ministry to the youth leadership team through planning and organizational meetings according to their gifts, talents and desires.

IV. Preach and Teach in the Absence of the Pastor

VI. Accountability:

I. Pastor

– one on one meetings and mentoring will take place for at least one hour/week for evaluation/direction/support/ and challenging.

II. Deacon Evaluation

– evaluation will be based on the above job description and suggestion will be given for continuing education.

– will also hold youth pastor accountable to yearly goals.

III. Church

– be prepared to give monthly and annual reports regarding the entire youth ministry.

– give report at each Church Ministries Meeting

VIII. Termination:

a) He continues in office as long as both parties are agreed and the blessing of the Lord is received or until the Lord calls him to another field of service. The Youth Pastor’s services shall terminate one month after date of resignation, or according to the constitution and by laws of the church.

To apply for this job email your details to rlouvi2@yahoo.com

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